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Very cheap flights with Lufthansa until tomorrow

Lufthansa launched an amazing promotion covering several different places! Differently from other sales, they include in the same promotion North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa! Here it is a … (click to read more)

Mega New Year’s sale with Norwegian

First of all, happy New Year! And to start the year well, there is already a hot promotion on place! Norwegian started today some mega sales with prices within Norway … (click to read more)

Cheap flight tickets within Norway

Norwegian struck back against SAS promotion previously announced here and it extended its 299 kroner offer to flights within Norway. There are many seats for travels in south Norway for … (click to read more)

Discount flights within Europe

Christmas is approaching and some airlines are starting to make some promotions for flights around the end of the year. Those dates are usually premium dates, so do not expect … (click to read more)

Strikes affecting airports in Norway

Be aware that a big amount of the employees of the security in airports are striking starting 8pm today. As a consequence, the queues in the airports are going to … (click to read more)