Travel cheap to China, Southeast Asia or Moscow

Finnair launched again a promotion for flights to Asia. However, now, the availability of the tickets and conditions are restricted to members of their millage program. The good news is that the membership is free and we are sharing with you some details of the offer here so you can have a preview of it. As usual, their prices are very good and ranging from around 4000 kroner to 5000 kroner. The destinations include a few cities in India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. The stating prices that mainly called our attention here have been Chongqing 2850 NOK, Singapore for 4190 NOK and Hong Kong 4090 NOK. The tickets must be bought until the 28th of May. However the travel period depends on the destination. For some destinations there are available flights in this summer or autumn and others just around the winter.

Regarding flights within Europe, Widerøe has announced for this summer 100.000 discount flights within Norway starting at 395 kroner and some destinations abroad (mainly Scotland and Denmark) for 550 kroner. Meanwhile, Norwegian says that they have flights to big cities in Europe starting at 400 kroner and local flights starting at 419 kroner. At last, SAS has a promotion of flgihts from Oslo to Eastern Europe (more specifically Chezch Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Russia) for 549 kroner for the three first destinations and 799 kroner for a flight to Moscow. However, for SAS’s promotion, you must buy your ticket before the 21st of May and travel around the summer.

For more details about finnair’s promotion, check their website here

And for sas, check it here.

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