Fly Cheap to Maldives and Asia

fly billig til maldivene

Austrain Airlines has just announced some cheap tickets for early bookers (flights to be taken between Nov. 1, 2012 – Mar. 31, 2013). The prices are quite good and this time they are including Male (in Maldives) in theirs offer. I do not remember seeing many offers to there and specially starting at 5.870 kroner as those are! Well besides that, they are flying very cheap to Japan (5420 kr), China (4050 kr), Delhi (3710 kr), Dubai and Jordan (around 3500), Egypt (3140 kr) and Israel for 2640 kr.

Well, check the offer for yourself here under “NEWSLETTER NO” special name.

And notice as well that they list some ticket prices to Athens and Thessaloniki slightly cheaper then what we saw with Swiss here

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