Cheap Flights to all around the world on sales

We have a few overseas promotions to mention today and all together they cover a big part of the world =D

The first one is from Lufthansa and it covers India. They have flights to several different destinations in India, including Bangalore, Madras, Bombay and Dehli. All of them for around 4200-4000 kroner. However, the departure dates are for the begining of the next year up to mid-March and the tickets must be purchased by the 4th of September.

Then, we have Swiss with flights costing between 4000-5000 kroner to North America (both US and Canada) with the purchase period being 17.09.2012 and the travel period from now up to the end of May next year.

There is one more from Qatar and it targets theirs regular destinations which cover Asia, Africa and Australia. Some examples are Jakarta for 6395 kroner, Bangock for 5395 kroner, Kilimanjaro for 7045 kroner and Melbourne for 8595 NOK. The booking must be done by the 2nd of September and the travel must be done by the 10th of December.

If it wasnt enough, British Airways is with a promotion with amazing prices and to several destinations. They have North America for around 4500-6000 kroner; and for that region they really have a great array of cities including Honolulu, Calgary, San Diego and Raleigh Durham. For Latin America they have prices around 5000-6000 kroner for Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Puerto Rico. And at last destinations in Asia in the Middle East, China and India for prices similar as the previously mentioned promotions (a bit more expensive for some and a bit cheaper for others). For most of their offers, the travel period is as far as end of April next year and you have until the 16th of September to make your choice and book.

Regarding european flights, Norwegian has advertised a mega promotion with several flights starting at 249/299/349 kroner. The promotion is valid until the 3rd of Septmeber and it includes flights up to March next year, though you have to search well to find a good combination of inbound and outbound flights.

Here are the links:

Lufthansas promotion

Qatar promotion

Swiss promotion

BA promotion

Norwegian promotion

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