Cheap flights to the Caribbeans

We have 3 promotions to share today, but the craziest one is the one from SWISS! They have announced flights to Cuba (Varadero), Dominican Republic (Punta Cana), South Africa (Cape Town) and Thailand (Phuket) starting from around 3800 nok! This is absolutely the cheapest price for tickets to the Caribbeans and to South Africa I’ve seen in a long time!

Besides that, Austrian Airlines is offering tickets to destinations in the middle east and central Asia (such as India, Iran, Jordan and Egypt) for around 3500-4000 kroner. And Icelandair has return tickets from Bergen, Stavanger or Trondheim to Iceland for 1600 kroner!

Conditions for SWISS promotion:
Purchase by: 30 of Jun
Fly between: up to 25th December

Conditions for Icelandair promotion:
Purchase by: 7 of Jun
Fly between: 15th of August to 15th of December

For SWISS promotion, check their promotion page

For Icelandair promotion, check their promotion page

For Austrian Airlines promotion, check the flights at their promotion page under the category NEWSLETTER

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