Cheap flights to Africa and Middle East

Sorry for the delay, but better later than never ;) In case you want to keep your rain jacket in your wardrobe this autumn, you better check it out the new promotions from Qatar, Lufthansa and KLM.

Lufthansa is selling tickets to UAE for around 3200 kroner, Iran for 3795 kroner and finally South Africa for 4745 kroner and Nigeria for 5195 kroner. The flights to UAE and Tehran are slightly cheaper than from other companies, but the real bargains are the ones to Nigeria and South Africa! But be aware, that you must book it by the 10th of July and fly in the autumn. For details, check their page here

KLM has a more global promotion which includes cities in Europe (such as Aberdeen, Warsaw, Venice and Bologna) for 1270 kroner and some other destinations around the world such as Rio for 6700 kroner and Chicago for 5205. Look for 5 day outlet sign on their promotion page. The conditions are similar to Lufthansas promotion, but you must book by the 9th of July

Meanwhile Qatar Airwais keeps its promotion of flights to India for around 4500 kroner, Australia for around 8500 kroner and several destinations on southeast asia ranging from 6000-7500 kroner. For the detailed listing, check their website.

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