Cheap tickets to South Africa or Canada in the winter!


So far it is being hard to cross into some real good ticket deals for the winter. The impression we have is that the really best offers have occurred on the first semester, or maybe the airlines are waiting people to come back from summer vacations before releasing the best promotions.

There has been some promotions like this one from Lufthansa to the middle east and Asia, but the starting prices are around 20% more expensive than what they had offer during the year. And in general, the same applies for what Qatar, Austrian and other airlines announced recently.

However, we spotted 2 promotions with starting prices as cheap as the ones found last semester. The first one is this one from Swiss, which flies to Oman, China and South Africa for 4639 kroner, 4777 kroner and 5509 kroner respectively. It is not clear the traveling dates for those prices, but the last booking date is the 5th of August.

The other great promotion is this one from Lufthansa with flights to the north of North America and special Canada. The conditions are that it must be flew now in the winter and bought by the 7th of August. It is worth to highlight that there is a short blackout period during Xmas and New Years, but it is really too small (around 3 days near the holiday). So, if you want to spend the holidays in Canada, this offer may still work for you!

Have a nice trip!

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