Cheap winter vacations in Asia, America and more!

We are starting again to see some good promotions showing up and mainly targeting the winter period! Finnair is again with super cheap flights to Asia and New York. They cover several destinations in Asia, such as India, China, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. And the prices are all around 4000-4500 kroner. We here have not found many flight tickets as cheap as those along this year, so that is a good opportunity to book yours! Here is the link to the promotion. The tickets must be purchased by the 20th of August.

KLM is also offering great prices and to destinations all along the world. For Asia, their prices are not as good as Finnair ones, but they include destinations not covered by Finnair such as Mumbai (around 4500 nok) and Bali (7595 kroner). The ones to North America are around 4500-5500 kroner, which is not as good as Icelandair neither, but again they have more options. The ones to South and Central America are starting with prices ranging from 6500 kroner to 10000 kroner. The tickets to Brazil (both Rio and Sao Paulo) are specially good priced: 6595 kroner. Here is the link for the promotion. Tickets must be purchased by the 30th of August.

But well, if you have more immediate vacations to take, then you should perhaps check Swiss promotion which flies to several different cities in Southern Europe (in Spain, Italy and France) for around 2000 kroner. But again, for European flights, do compare with Norwegian and SAS.

Icelandair have tickets for around 1500 kroner return to Reyjkavik from several departing cities in Norway and for around 4000-5000 kroner to the United States (cheaper than KLM). The travel dates include both now in the fall and the winter. More details can be found here but the purchase period is by the 24th of August.

And talking about the United States, SAS will start flying direct from Copenhagen to San Francisco next year and they are selling tickets departing from the main cities in Norway for 4899 and for 5399 departing from smaller cities . For details check the promotion website here and book your ticket by the 13th of August!

Have a nice trip!

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