Taking a break…

As you may have noticed, we have not posted since a while. We have been quite busy this first semester and did not have time to dedicate to the blog.

Therefore, we decided to officially anounce a break until the next semester. We will be done with a couple of personal projects and this hopefully will give time to update the blog often and bring some new ideas into realization.

Hope to see you then!


Very cheap flights with Lufthansa until tomorrow

Lufthansa launched an amazing promotion covering several different places! Differently from other sales, they include in the same promotion North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa! Here it is a list of a few of the destinations and theirs starting prices: Kazakhstan (3995 kr), Nigeria (5195 kr), Lebanon (1995 kr), Israel (1995 kr), China (3995 kr), South Africa (4295 kr), India (3995 kr) and many destinations in North America from prices between 3695 kr to 5000 kr.

Those Lufthansa promotional flights start from Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger. If you do not live in any of those cities, you can try to take advantage that both Norwegian and SAS are offering discount prices for tickets in Norway. Norwegian has tickets starting from 299 kroner and SAS have them starting from 499 (for both you must purchase by 11th of March).

A final remark is that Lufthansa’s promotion is valid for trips starting from the 1st of April up to 15th of June.

God Tur

Go here for Lufthansas promotion

Go here for Norwegian’s promotion

Go here for SAS’ promotion


Cheap tickets to Jordan, Colombia and Venezuela

Lufthansa has a new promotion that may be perfect for those who would like to take advantage of the several holidays we have in May. They have cheap flight tickets to both Middle East and South America. The range of destinations is not so wide, but the prices are very good and when checking for available dates, we found plenty!

They basically have the following starting prices: Jordan (2795 kroner), UAE (3195 kroner), Qatar (3895 kroner) and both Colombia and Venezuela (5995 kroner). And those prices are valid just for purchases done by the 5th of March and for flights taken between the beginning of April and mid of June. That corresponds to a good timing to go to Jordan as it is not very hot as summer and away from the rains of winter.

In case you are looking for a sunny place but during the summer, you should them check SAS campaign which is offering tickets to several destinations in Spain and Portugal (such as Barcelona, Alicante, Faro, Lisbon and Canaria Islands) starting from 700-1100 kroners one way. Those starting prices are valid only until the 4th of March and the availability is limited. However, thats one of the few promotions that target flights during the summer. Therefore, we recommend checking.

Check Lufthansa’s promotion here

Check SAS’s promotion here


Discount on flights to Asia

Finnair is again offering flights tickets to some destinations in Asia for around 4000-5000 kroner. They have tickets to China starting from 3590 kroner (for Chongqing) up to 4290 kroner (for Shanghai). The prices to Japan, Singapore, India and Vietnam are not much different. You can get a bigger discount if you use some bonus points and if you are a Finnair Plus member. In any case, the tickets must be bought by the 7th of Mars and they are valid for trips up to November (with a big part of the summer excluded).

Besides Finnair’s promotion, Qatar Airways is offering 20% of discount on their tickets if you buy with PayPal and if you use the promocode “PAYPAL1″.

For details about Qatar’s promocode check here

For Finnairs promotion check here


Very cheap flights to Australia!

Qatar Airways started a 3 days promotion with very cheap flights to Australia, Kenya, Bali and other destinations. Some of the destinations such as Bangkok (4845 nok), Singapore (5195 nok), Dubai (3195 nok) and Dehli (4295 nok) are in the same price level as previous offers from Qatar, Finnair or other companies. However, the prices for Australia, Kenya and Bali are cheaper than we have ever seen! They have tickets to Australia (Perth) for just 6745 nok!!! Then cheap flights to Nairobi for 3745 NOK and to Bali for 6395 NOK.

Just be quick because the promotion is valid just until the 14th of February and for flights before the summer.

Here is the link to the promotion

God Tur